Keep Tripping Over Your Prized Collection? We Can Help

Storage Giant | 1 July 2020

Traffic cones, garden gnomes, Daleks and manhole covers – you would be surprised at the variety of things collectors across the world hoard and prize.

According to a research by The Royal Mint, more than 83 percent of people surveyed said they had collected something in their lifetime, with 57 percent saying they still do.

Here at Storage Giant we have seen the weird and wonderful over the years, but most of the many hundreds of our customers who store their collections with us are housing more common – but nevertheless beloved item. Vinyl records, books, graphic novels, dolls, trains and layouts, fishing gear, guitars and the toys from their childhood are the most common.

Books, vinyl and comics are among the most collected items in the UK, and you will know of a few celebs who feel very strongly about their prized collections, with broadcaster, Jonathan Ross, being a keen graphic novel hunter, Boy George vowing to collect two copies  of every album ever pressed,  Angeline Jolie owning a collection of antique knives, Tom Hanks favouring typewriters, and Leonardo DiCaprio hoarding action figures.

Experts differ in their views about why people collect things. Carl Jung believed the impulse goes back to our instincts as hunter gatherers – the need to collect valuable things around us gives us a feeling of security and status. While historian Philipp Blom asserts that the need to gather valuables around us that tell the story of who we are is a way to control our fear of death. It gives us the sense that some part of us will live on when we go.

Whatever the reason, we know from what our customers tell us that having a secure space outside of the home for their beloved collections has saved more than one marriage!

If you have a collection that you keep tripping over, and you want to keep it somewhere more appropriate, get in touch. Remember, you don’t have to clear your home entirely – why not keep your choicest items on display, giving them pride of place in your living room, while storing the bulk of your collection with us?

We can offer safe, secure, easily accessible, low cost storage for your treasured collectibles. Find out more here:

Weird and Wonderful Collections

  • David Morgan, from Oxford, is named in the Guinness Book of World records as the owner of the largest collection of traffic cones. David, who works for a firm that manufactures the cones, was said to have 500 at the last count
  • Ann Atkin, from Devon, has built up an army of garden gnomes – more than 200 of the little fellows – which she displays on her 4-acre Gnome Reserve
  • Actor, Nicole Kidman, has a collection of rare coins from ancient Judea
  • Rob Hull, from Doncaster, owns the largest collection of Daleks in the world. In 2015 they numbered more than 1,800. We are sure he doesn’t keep those in the shed!
  • Actor, Ben Stiller, is a Trekkie who owns two pairs of signed and original Spock ears, once sported by Leonard Nimoy