Storage Giant’s Tips for Self Builders

Storage Giant | 29 May 2020
house with blue for sale sign outside

According to the Self-Build Guide, around 10,000 people in the UK build their own homes every year. In legal terms, people in England have a right to build their own home. Local Authorities have a duty to grant planning permission for sufficient serviced plots to meet demand, measured on Right to Build registers, within a three-year period. So, people can ask their local authority to look to make viable plots available to them. This scheme isn’t operational in Wales, but, instead, the Self Build Wales finance scheme offers loans to support self-build.

If you are thinking about building your own home in the future, here are some tips to help you get the best results and experience from your project.

Plan, prepare and plan some more

Being well-prepared will help the process run smoothly, so plan every detail – from measurements to materials, suppliers and workforce.  Consider storage space, power points, interior design and layout.

Set realistic budgets and goals

It is easy to get ahead of yourself when brainstorming ideas, and however careful you are, budgets on self-builds do spiral.  Set a realistic budget, with some wiggle room, and keep your final goal at the forefront of your mind. Speaking to experts and financial advisors will help you draw up a realistic plan.

Select your manpower well

Research the architects, builders and surveyors you plan to work with very carefully. Seek out personal recommendations.

Future-proof your property

Think about how your circumstances might change in the years to come. Are you planning to grow your family? Might you need separate living space for an older relative, do you want to embrace a greener lifestyle? Do you need a workshop to expand your hobby into a business? All of these possibilities could be factored in at the early planning stage.

Enjoy the process

Building your own home is a major project – and it is a major achievement too. There will be obstacles and issues along the way and you will need to keep your sense of humour intact. But at every stage, remember to enjoy each milestone. You are creating a home that is perfectly tailored to you and your family. The end result will be worth it.

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