Working From Home? Organise Your Space, For a Stress-Free Experience

Storage Giant | 12 May 2020

These are interesting times for employers and employees, with many people working from home and doing their best to adjust to the distractions and the challenges this can bring.

Here are some tips to help you manage your workspace, so home-working is as stress free as it can be.

Keep your work space clutter-free

You don’t need to go out and buy desk tidies or new storage – particularly since we are all cutting down on non-essential journeys to the shops – but use what you have in the home to keep your work tools in order and to hand. Use a jar to stash your pens, a trinket tray for memory sticks, a basket or tray for your paperwork. As long as everything has a designated space and the other members of your household know these are work items, and not to be disturbed, then you will be able to order your day. Identify the things you use most frequently and keep them to hand. Tidy anything else away in a file or drawer.

Settle Into Your Routine

Establish a work flow quickly. When you are in the office – an environment geared up to help you complete tasks – you do this without thinking about it. At home, this takes more effort. But invest time in considering where new, incoming projects will sit, where they go when in progress and how you file projects after completion. Colour-coding files, whether they are paper files or digital files on your desktop, can make this process simple.

Stay Neat and Safe

Tidy your cables. Working from home can introduce new hazards, particularly for children in the house, so secure any leads with cable ties, clamps or wraps and keep them out of walkway areas. Use a USB hub to allow you to plug several cables into one device. Always use a surge protector to safeguard your device from power surges.

Help Is At Hand

If you are struggling for space within your home, Storage Giant supports hundreds of small businesses and individuals with storage space across our network of facilities to grow and thrive. Our flexible terms, low cost, scalable, and fully-equipped office spaces are used by entrepreneurs across all sectors. Find a location near you or use our web chat feature to talk to our friendly team.