Storage Giant Client Arian Care Is a Health and Care Awards Finalist

Storage Giant | 24 December 2020

We are very pleased to see Arian Care Ltd, an office-space tenant of ours at our Newport site, in the running for a health care award. Joeyne Maskell, of Arian Care Ltd is a finalist for an Outstanding Achievment Award in the South Wales Argus Awards 2020, with the final results being announced at the end of the month.

Arian Care Ltd provides home care and domestic support, and those put forward for this award are nominated by the public, so, in a year when healthcare workers have been going over and above to support those in their communities it is great to see them being recognised, whether they are in private care, or whether they are paramedics, nurses, doctors or volunteers in the health and care sectors.

Businesses and charities of all kinds use our office space, across our sites in England and Wales, either to establish a start-up firms, or satellite offices for a larger company, and it is great to see them thriving and bringing so many benefits to their communities. Best of luck to Joeyne and to Arian Care Ltd.

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