How to organise your storage unit

Storage Giant | 11 September 2014

It may be your first time renting storage space, or you are re-visiting your storage space and can’t find what you needed. If you organise your storage unit from the beginning, you will be saving yourself stress and time. There are a few steps you can take to store your goods in a way that will give you the best possible storage experience.

Don’t over-pack

It can be tempting to pack as many things into one box, to save trips moving all the boxes. But, if you organise your boxes into specific items and pack efficiently you will avoid damage to your things and you can easily find the box you need when you look for it, searching for the box with those specific items in there.

Label boxes

Following tip 1, when you have packed the boxed, make sure you do not forget to label them. Make sure the labels are clear and easy to read, from all ends of the box (or just two opposite sides) but when you place it in storage make sure one side of the labelled box is visible.

You may also wish to add fragile stickers if you have fragile contents in the box, like glass. You or whoever is handling the box will know to handle it with care.

Extra tip: use a permanent black marker on white labels so that the ink doesn’t smudge.

Clear containers

If you want to spend a little more money for extra protection for your goods, clear containers are great. Plastic containers are the best way to protect items; they also keep out moisture and dirt, whilst being a visible option to see what’s inside each box. When stacking plastic boxes, you will get a sturdier stack and looks neater. Though cardboard boxes generally do the job, plastic boxes are an extra.

Stacking your stuff

When you are stacking your boxes make sure the heaviest items box is on the bottom, followed by the lighter ones. Also keep in mind that you do not stack higher than your reaching height, as this could end in you getting hurt or possible injury if you are not careful.

Extra tip: If some boxes are more important than others, keep these ones at the front of the storage space so that you can easily grab it rather than rummaging the unit for it.

Make an access path

Make sure when you are filling up your storage space, that you create an access walkway so that you can navigate your way around the unit to your stuff.

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