Leicester and Bristol are the Top Cities to Set up a New Business

Storage Giant | 15 June 2020

Leicester, Bristol, Coventry, Chester and Brighton & Hove are the best cities to invest in if you are aiming for business success as a start-up.

We are pleased to see the latest data from financial services company, Raisin UK, place two of the cities we serve here at Storage Giant – Leicester and Bristol – in their two best locations to start a business or to buy a home.

Location is, of course, fundamental to any big investment, whether business or domestic, and we are, as we speak, investing in our own new facility, which has now opened its doors officially, in Brislington, Bristol.

At our Storage Giant business centres, we see scores of fledgling firms set up and thrive under our roof, taking advantage of our flexible, scalable, and low-cost office space, to run everything from call centres, cleaning ventures, brewing firms, graphic design and marketing businesses. Some larger companies use our offices as satellites for their head office operations.

The Raisin UK report considers the make-up of the working population in each city, the rates of business survival over one year, the variance in house price changes, the number of people per job opening and the price of office space per square foot, in order to find the best cities to invest in.
Leicester businesses showed an impressive 91.4 per cent survival rate in the first year, and it was found to be a particularly strong choice for textile manufacturing, automotive and transport industries, and high-tech industries,

Leicester is closely followed by Bristol, with an 88.7 per cent survival rate in the first year and a good choice for creative, tech and digital.

Some of our other locations get the nod of approval from The City investment index, too. The list of the top 38 cities in the UK to start a business and invest in property sees Swansea come in at number 12, thanks in part to the low cost of its office space, while Cardiff is number 23 on the list.

Find the full Raisin UK report here

If you are planning to set up your new business in one of our locations, find more details about our flexible, low-cost office space here.