Lockdown Cycling Boom Gives Gordon’s Storage Giant Start-Up Wheels

Storage Giant | 4 June 2020

While many firms have faced real challenges during the Coronavirus crisis and the ensuing lockdown period, others have thrived, and we are delighted to see new customers set up their ventures under the Storage Giant roof.

One of our newest tenants is Gordon Price, who has moved his fledgling cycle servicing and repair firm, Heath Cycle Service, to a unit on our Cardiff self storage facility. Gordon is enjoying a spike in business thanks to the public’s rediscovery of two wheels during lockdown – have we ever seen the cycle paths so busy?

Gordon says: “I have 20 years’ experience in the cycle trade, but this is a new venture for me, after working for the National Trust in West Wales, and at Mountain Warehouse. In the past few weeks I set up from home, after being furloughed, offering mobile bike repairs and servicing, and I quickly realised I needed to be set up in a proper unit, rather than simply working from my garage. I will continue to offer a mobile service from the Storage Giant unit, and people can come to me too, if they prefer. It is early days for my business, but the renewed enthusiasm for cycling during lockdown has really helped to re-introduce people to the joys of two wheels. I aim to be looking after around eight bikes over day in the summer months.”

Gordon has a Cytech Level 2 qualification and is experienced with mountain bikes, BMX, road, DH, tandems, gravel and recumbents and is also a suspension and hydraulic specialist and a wheel builder.

He says: “I have a mechanical mind and often have taken the thing apart in my head and diagnosed what needs to happen before I’ve realised it.”

Gordon says while many people can be anxious about taking on new ventures, they can lead to real personal growth: I have had mental health issues throughout my life and it can make you doubt your abilities and make you feel scared about making changes and taking risks. The decision to rent this unit wasn’t an easy one. It took a lot of soul searching to tell myself ‘I can do this’. Anxiety is something more and more people are struggling with, especially now with COVID and lockdown, but cycling has always given me time to think, to reflect and to soak up the surroundings. It has kept me sane.

“There are always opportunities in a crisis. I think new businesses will pop up because of the situation. The Storage Giant unit is perfect for my venture – it gives me 110sq ft of space, it is low cost, in a prime location and I have options to grow. The staff are super helpful and setting up with them has been no hassle at all. There was no way I could have started out in a traditional retail unit, the costs are prohibitive for a start up like mine, Storage Giant is perfect for me and any other would be start up business.”

Simon Williams, Storage Giant MD says: “We are always happy to see SMEs setting up under our roof here at Storage Giant. Hundreds of small firms have founded and grown their business with us, thanks to our very flexible terms and our low rates – it takes much of the risk out of a new venture and it gives entrepreneurs the confidence to take a risk on their idea and vision. We are delighted that Gordon has chosen Storage Giant Cardiff and wish him every success with us in Cardiff.”