Opting For Flexible Workspaces Could Aid The Post-Covid Recovery For Business

Storage Giant | 10 November 2020

Our working environment has been changed forever by the Covid crisis, with many saying we are unlike to return to our usual workplaces full time, and with many firms looking with a more critical eye at the cost of traditional office space.

Taking up flexible workspaces will be a viable answer for many MDs during the post-Covid recovery period, helping firms to keep their costs low while they get back to their normal operations.

Our MD, Simon Williams, says: “Here at Storage Giant, we are seeing more and more large firms setting up satellite offices under our roof, and we have long been the office-of-choice for SMEs and start-ups looking for low-costs and flexible terms when setting up their business venture. We are about to release new offices at our Bicester site and we have a small amount of capacity left in Bristol, for businesses.

Simon adds: “I think one of the most impressive aspects of the way UK firms have met the many challenges of Covid-19, is the way they have been agile and ready to make changes to meet the situation in front of them, in order to retain clients and customers and to keep the workforce on board.

“And I think it is inevitable that flexible office space will become an increasing part of the arsenal that business use, in order to futureproof their operations in light of ongoing economic uncertainty. Or, simply as a way of being savvier about their resources.  The location of sites like ours, in key cities like Bristol, Cardiff and Newport, give great access to suppliers and main road arteries, but we are able to offer the kind pf rates that city centre office spaces just cannot compete with.

“We also know that previous recessions have acted as a catalyst for growth in the flexible workspace sector and I think it is very likely that large firms will use flexible workspaces as a third option, between working from a larger HQ and home-working. I would encourage businesses to look at their flexible workspace options.”

To find out more about flexible office space with Storage Giant. Go to: https://www.storagegiant.co.uk/office-space/