Have You Got Your Christmas Decorations Up Yet?

Storage Giant | 25 November 2021

Apparently, if you live in Swansea your home might have been decked in tinsel and lights since the first week in November! We were amused to read that Swansea has been crowned the most festive place in the UK, with families putting up their Christmas decorations earlier than anywhere else in Britain.

We have certainly seen a lot of festive-driven activity at our facilities – in Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Leicester and beyond – with some of the top activities from our customers in November and December being:

  • Turbo-charging their ebay activity in the run-up to Christmas. Ebay traders use our faculties as storage for their stock, with many running their business from Storage Giant stores. Some are also buying in extra stock in preparation for post-Christmas sales
  • Storing surplus furniture and other bulky items that are tucked into corners or cupboards at home (the exercise bike, camping gear, musical instruments, sports equipment) to make room for your Christmas tree and decorations and to give you a cleaner canvas in the home for your sparkly makeover
  • Collecting the Christmas decorations. Many people store their Christmas decorations with us, since imitation trees, baubles and other delicate items can be kept in a more organised way in self-storage, rather than being stowed in a dusty, disorganised loft
  • Clearing the spare room. If your in-laws are staying over or if your child is heading home for the holidays from university you might need to declutter the spare bedroom
  • Hiding gifts. If you plan to give your loved ones tickets to a show or a box from Pandora then you will be able to find a secret space to hide it until the big day. But bikes, surf gear, guitars, scooters and other surprises are harder to stow, unseen. This is when having your own secure self-storage unit is invaluable

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