New Year, New Business Plans?

Storage Giant | 22 November 2021

Looking to start a new business in the new year? Safety equipment and supplies, telehealth services, online food ordering, and bicycle retailing are the four fastest-growing industries in the UK according to the latest figures.

A survey from industry data specialists Ibis World shows that these areas are expanding fast and are likely to hold fresh opportunities into 2022 for start-ups and entrepreneurs. According to the survey the revenue growth in 2021 – 2022 in safety equipment and supplies wholesaling is projected to be 78 percent as the tightening of workplace health and safety regulations continues.  The telehealth services industry, which uses digital technology to deliver medical diagnoses, treatment and monitoring, is likely to see revenue growth of 63.2 percent. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has fuelled our interest in getting food delivered to our doors. Providers within that sector have boomed and are said to expect revenue growth of 45.1 percent in 2021 – 2022. Another consequence of our swift change in lifestyle during this period has seen bicycle retailing grow swiftly, with revenue growth of 42.5 percent expected. Also braced for continued wins in revenue growth are online alcohol retailing, e-commerce and online auctions, precious metals production, audiobook publishing and online stock brokerage as well as online greetings card retailing.

This is a very diverse roster of businesses, but it is easy to see how and why they have flourished during the past year and what opportunities continue to be open to entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in growing industries in 2022.  We are proud to be home to thousands of small businesses and start-ups at our office and self-storage facilities across the UK – in Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, Swansea, Newport, Nottingham, Telford and beyond. Thinking of putting your business idea into action? We can help with low-cost retail and office units that can be easily scaled up as your venture blossoms: