Top Tips for eBay Store Owners and Small Businesses this Christmas

Storage Giant | 10 December 2014

Well, here we are well into the pre Christmas rush, and many small businesses and eBay store owners are feeling a little strain. It’s a tricky balance to make, ensuring that you have enough stock to fulfil demand, you’re selling at the right prices, and you’re doing enough to get customers attention, all the while making sure that parcels are delivered on time, and your own house is in order. No wonder we all need a rest come Christmas. With this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips to keep you merrily doing business right throughout Christmas and beyond:

Getting your customers attention doesn’t mean spending

So many businesses, or eBay sellers fail to use the biggest digital marketing platform out there for advertising – Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook are the perfect places to advertise your eBay auction links, special offers in your shop, or online, and letting customers know what great deals you can do for them. It takes seconds to make a post on Facebook, or tweet a picture of the latest deal, and if you use those posts wisely, you’ll have a great new customer base by New Year.

 Let people know the correct “last shipping” dates

Send emails, put it on your auctions, or online shop, and certainly on your website. You absolutely must make it clear when the last post is before Christmas, and try and give yourself some leeway here too, so you can get items shipped. You may want to opt for closing off for Christmas deliveries one day before the post office or courier, in order to make sure you have everything covered. Letting people down at Christmas isn’t the best idea, so ensure you cover yourself for deliveries

Make sure your stock is somewhere safe

Awful to think of, but thieves are about at this time of year, and having your stock taken just before you’re due to clean up in the pre Christmas rush will make for a very unhappy business owner. There are plenty of storage options open to you, whether you run an eBay Store or a small business, and checking out secure storage should be priority to you at this time of year.

Last but not least, be festive. We know you may be busy, but a cheery greeting by email or on the phone will remind your customers that you’re a great person, and people like doing business with people they like. Merry Christmas!


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