The 7 Strangest Things Ever Found in Storage

Storage Giant | 16 January 2013

There are always tales coming out about strange items that are found in storage, so I thought it might be a good idea to collect together some of the most bizarre discoveries. If you’ve heard of any more oddities, then please get in touch!

1. Never released Michael Jackson tracks

One lucky man hit the jackpot in 2003 when he discovered that his newly bought storage unit contained previously unreleased tracks by Michael Jackson. As they were all recorded whilst Michael was between record deals, no one had any legal claim to them so they now belonged to the locker owner.

2. Live ammunition

It is not uncommon for people to want to keep their prized war memorabilia safe, but usually it has been decommissioned first. So when an American man stumbled across a live hand grenade it came as a bit of a shock! Luckily the bomb squad were on hand to detonate the grenade so there were no casualties from this potentially explosive find.

3. Grandma’s body

There have been several stories about dead bodies being found in storage containers (mostly in America), but the most famous one is probably the tale of the Florida family who left their deceased grandmother in a lock-up for 17 years after her death. When told that the lot was going to be sold, the family tearfully told the garage owner that it couldn’t be because it would disturb their Grandmother. Imagine the owners face!

4. Aretha Franklin’s clothes

When Jill Pendergast and Alfred Parham purchased an abandoned storage locker at a Detroit auction in 2011 they didn’t expect to find it full to the brim with a Hollywood icon’s wardrobe. It is thought that these items could actually be the clothes that Aretha claimed were lost when her $800,000 home burnt down in 2002, which means that the singer could actually be guilty of fraud!

5. Thousands of dollars in rare coins

This story proves that storage auctions are the place to try your luck, after a San Jose man discovered a treasure trove full of thousands of rare coins worth nearly half a million dollars. Definitely worth the $1,000 he paid for the lock-up I think!

6. An original 1937 supercar

In the sleepy village of Tyneside a 1937 Bugatti sat untouched for early 50 years, before being discovered in 2009. Hailed as one of the original supercars, it was rumoured to have fetched nearly £3 million at auction.

7. Nicholas Cage’s million dollar comic book

In 2000 Nicholas Cage reported the theft of a very rare and valuable comic book from his home in LA. Over a decade later the comic mysteriously surfaced in an abandoned storage locker, and soon Nicholas was reunited with his Action Comics #1 once more.