What to do with all your stuff after University

Rebecca Arkell | 17 July 2014

It’s summer; exams and assignments are being completed, terms ended, and that means it’s time to think about moving out of halls and rented student houses, back to base – home sweet home. But, you’re not moving back home alone, you’re bringing back extra equipment – TV, shoes, clothes, gadgets and anything else you’ve splashed your student loan on.

Stress less and store it away

Your luxuries are now just part of the extra baggage and clutter that you want to hide from your, could-be, angry parents. It’s been another great year, a stressful, hardworking, and perhaps an unforgettable year – but either way, it’s all got to come to an end.

What are you going to do with all that “stuff”? Many students that have just completed their first or second year know whether they will be returning to University, so they decide what they need to take home and then find storage for the rest of the stuff to store in nearby student storage rooms.

You can also store belongings if you are looking to rent out, even after having graduated. You may want, temporarily to store everything in a storage room until you have found a place and can move everything in. Sometimes students move because of job opportunities and simply, maybe because they want to retain their freedom.

Whatever the reason is, storage solutions can be a lifesaver, and they are cost effective.

Sharing storage with a friend can be another option, to help you save even more money.

Sell it and save up

Money can be an issue after you have been at University, with nothing left of your student loan, and the bank of Mum & Dad now off access. So your best option may be to sell your stuff and make some money off the back of it. You can use sites like Amazon, Ebay or Gumtree but whether this will bring in extra cash or immediate buyers for that matter, is another thing. Still, you cannot but try to sell what you may not need anymore.

You can then use the money that you have made from selling your things to save up for paying your student loan, for renting or for other things you may now need, now that you will be out of University and trying to adapt to the ‘real’ world – outside of studying.

You could also sell stuff to those who will be going to the same University. Universities usually have a board where students can put up their advertisements. It may be a quicker and more convenient way of selling your things.

Perhaps you have siblings or friends that will want the extra equipment for when they start University. Though, they will not need it until they start their term, which would not be until another few months – which is why the storage solution may be an option for you again. You can store the things and then make money from it!

For more advice on storing your goods and for great student discounts, contact Storage Giant today!

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