Storage Giant in Cardiff on Storage Hoarders!

Storage Giant | 10 June 2013

Some people find the idea of clearing out their storage lockers a daunting prospect. For others, the thought of parting with their possessions holds more emotional ties. Storage Hoarders, presented by the incomparable Aggie Mackenzie, aims to help these people to overcome their hoarding tendencies, and hopefully make some cash at the same time!


The first series of Storage Hoarders was so popular that a second series has been commissioned, and Storage Giant is going to be featured in it! Aggy Mackenzie recently came down to the Cardiff store and filmed with the staff, where she uncovered some truly amazing finds, including a huge tapestry and a Swiss grandfather clock. These gems will be sent to auction soon and are predicted to sell for a high price.

Whats Next for Storage Giant?

Storage Giant have also been in talks with the Storage Hoarders producers and are hoping to work with them again in the future. We’ll keep you posted!


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Storage Giant manager with Aggie Mackenzie from Storage Hoarders