OFFER: Student Storage From £5 A Week

Victoria Allison | May 27, 2018

Now university is over for another year; it’s time to make the most of a summer free from assignments and take a well-earned break. The last thing you want to do is ferry all your stuff across the country only to take it back when autumn rolls around. To make it easier for you, Storage Giant offer convenient storage facilities across the country close to several university locations. What’s more, with our special summer deal means you can have safe, secure storage for your all your stuff for just £5 a week.

Storage for students at Storage Giant

At Storage Giant, we are offering a special offer, exclusively for students. Our ten square-foot storage lockers are a great size to store all your university essentials out of term. This means you don’t have to cart your stuff from your university town to back home. You can save space at your parents’ home and make sure you travel light, wherever you are off exploring, working or chilling out this summer.

With ten square foot of space, you can keep everything safe in our Storage Giant units in Swansea, Newport, Cardiff and Llanelli close to your local university. For students in Leicester, you can make the most of this offer at Space Place in Leicester.

“With summer fast approaching, we’re really excited to be offering students a special storage deal. With a great price and safe, secure storage options combined with our friendly customer service team, we are proud to deliver a perfect student storage solution.” Dan Davies – Head of Sales and Customer Service.

Why take advantage of our special student storage offer?

  1. Out of term

By storing at our facilities for summer, you don’t have to worry about endless packing and unpacking. Simply enjoy summer and when it’s time to move into your new digs at the start of the new term, you’ll have your stuff ready and waiting.

  1. Extra space

Student digs are always too small, if you have too much stuff for your space, then give yourself the room you need by storing your extra stuff in our storage lockers. This is ideal to make sure you have everything you need close by without taking up every inch of floor and shelf space.

  1. Sports equipment

In student houses, there is never enough room for everyone, let alone enough room for your stuff, especially bulky sports equipment. Storage Giant has loads of convenient storage locations where you can house your surfboard, snowboard, skis, bikes and canoes. Our storage lockers make it easy to keep your sports equipment safe and ready to go.

Got too much stuff?

If you think you’ll need more room, why not club together with your mates for a larger storage unit and see how much you can save. If you’re a student in Cardiff, Swansea or Leicester find out more about our great student rates and get your quote today!