Mother’s day gift ideas

Storage Giant | 9 March 2015

This Mothers Day, why not give the flowers and chocolates cliché a rest and do something for the woman who has looked after you, loved you and seen you off into the world with a teary wave, to make your own way in the world, always been there if you need her.

The perfect mothers day doesn’t have to be painfully expensive (not that expensive should be taken off the table) its all about the thought that you put in it. Here are a few creative heartfelt ideas that are sure to produce a happy tear or two for your mum.

Now and Then Photos

Now and then photos are not so unique these days but they are certainly precious. The concept of a now and then photo is simple – You choose a picture of you and your mum (or siblings) and then take a similar picture of the two of you now.

Whether you are 5 or 50 your mum still sees you as her baby, and there is nothing a mother loves more than looking at your adorable childhood pictures. This easy and inexpensive gift will be sure to put you in her good books!

Garden Makeover

March is usually around the time that you start to prepare for the summer, and your mum can really enjoy being outdoors. Does your mum’s backyard oasis need a little updating? Show up on the morning of Mother’s Day with coffee and a croissant or Danish from one of her favourite cafes, along with some topsoil, potted/ hanging planters, and some pretty pots to update her outdoor space.

Set her up under an umbrella while you work away. Not only will she love her beautifully updated yard, she will appreciate the time you are devoting to her special day.

Go Big or Go Home (over the top and quirky gifts)

If money isn’t an issue or if you come from a large family and want to get a large gift from all of you then why not choose a gorgeous piece of antique furniture. Of course keeping this a secret might be a little bit difficult, so if you need to store it before the big day, then why not rent a storage unit until then. Or, if you’re handy, then an up-cycled piece of vintage furniture may be more your thing, and would show your mum you’d put the work in to keep it super special.

Or, if she’s a big fan of Storage Hunters, then why not look at giving her the opportunity to bid on her own storage auction, and then have fun selling, or restoring any of the items in her chosen locker – you could end up with a huge bargain, and a very happy mum to boot!


The purpose of Mothers Day is to show your mum how much you appreciate all she has done for you and how much you think of her throughout your life. The cost of the gift and even the gift itself is but a mere token of your love and respect for her, so tell her that, not just on Mothers day, but everyday.









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