Bristol, Birmingham and Leicester Among the Most Entrepreneurially Ambitious UK Cities

Storage Giant | 28 June 2021

We are pleased but not surprised to see Birmingham and Bristol being named the top two UK cities with entrepreneurial ambition to start a new business, with Leicester not far behind in spot number five. These busy city hubs and areas are home to key Storage Giant sites where we see a fast-growing cohort of entrepreneurs setting up thriving SMEs.

New data from the Dojo Global Ambition Index shows that the city of Birmingham is the top city for business-ambitious people with a score of 186 out of 250. The city has the highest number of people searching for “how to start a new business” on Google. We have new sites coming onstream very nearby, in Oldbury and Kingswinford.

Bristol came in second place, scoring 176 out of a total of 250,  cementing the city as one of the most business ambitious in the UK. The city enjoys a 42.8 percent business survival rate and Bristol has long been a hub for new and growing brands, with lots of initiatives to help small businesses find their feet. We opened our Bristol mixed-use retail park and storage facility in August 2020. The site is home to more than 800 self-storage rooms as well as more than 2,700 sq. ft of high-spec office space for start-ups and small businesses.

The study also showed that the pandemic has done noting to dampen entrepreneurial spirit in the UK.  64 percent of the UK workforce has ambitions to become an entrepreneur. Last year in the UK there were almost 800,000 new business registrations – an increase from both 2018 and 2019.

Here at Storage Giant, start-ups across our facilities are running with this trend and  we have helped to incubate more than 2,200 small business and start-ups across our portfolio in the past 14 years. The data also found that Newport, where the Storage Giant headquarters is established, has seen one of  the biggest growths in new businesses in the UK over the past five years, with a 29.66 percent increase over five years.

Storage Giant is the largest private self-storage provider in Wales and the second largest in the UK. It  has sites across Wales, The Midlands and the M4 corridor, and it is pressing ahead with plans to open new sites in Bridgend, Nottingham, and two in the West Midlands.

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