Hiding Christmas Presents

Storage Giant | 12 November 2015

As much as you don’t want to hear it, Christmas is soon on its way. It’s time to get serious with present buying before it’s too late. The downside to buying presents early is finding somewhere to hide them. If you have small children, or just living with other people, you know how they like to snoop.

Under your bed will be the first place anyone will look for presents. That rules that hiding place out. Don’t worry, that’s not the only place to hide presents.

High places

Hiding presents in high places is the ideal place to stop small hands from reaching their Christmas presents. If you are going to store presents up high then make sure they are wrapped or covered. Children might not be able to reach up there but that doesn’t mean they still can’t see what you’ve bought them.

Anywhere that can be locked

Using a lock is the perfect way to make sure your kids won’t ruin their surprise come Christmas day. Using a suitcase with a lock is a great way to not only hide them somewhere no one would think to look, but adding a lock, and it becomes the perfect hiding place.

Storing presents in a locked shed or garage will keep prying eyes away from their presents. If you know your children will find their way into your garage or shed, locking them away in a self storage room will certainly keep your children from finding their gifts.

Somewhere else

Storing presents at a friend or relatives house is not only a great way to hide presents but it’s also a great space saver. For your house at least. If you are going to store presents at someone else’s house, make sure it is someone that your kids won’t visit often. If your kids do visit them often, make sure they are hidden out of the way.

Throwing them off the scent

If you are struggling to find somewhere that your children won’t find their presents, why not just throw them off the scent? To do this, put rubbish presents into gift bags with their names on them. When they find these bags they’ll think its their real presents and give up looking for more. It will also make Christmas day even more exciting.

The most important thing to remember when hiding Christmas presents is to remember where you put them. Also write a list of all the presents you’ve bought and where you’ve hidden them (hide this list too). There’s nothing like getting towards Christmas thinking you’ve gotten no presents for anyone, when you’ve got a house filled with hidden treasures.

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