Going Abroad? Store your Vehicle

Storage Giant | 2 July 2014

Whether you are going abroad for a holiday, or you are moving for a while, or perhaps a job offer – what do you do with your vehicle? You could sell it, if selling is what you want to do with it. But, sometimes we like to keep a hold of things most precious to us, and that for many can be their vehicle. Whether it’s your Ducati, Harley or your beloved classic car – you will want to keep it somewhere secure and unharmed.


Storing your car or motorcycle in a storage unit, is an easy solution to your worries. Storage units provide a secure, easy access and flexible terms package, with valeting and maintenance should you require it.


What you need to keep in mind 


When you do store your pride and joy, you should make sure that it is insured. Without insurance, the car cannot be fully protected and most storage companies will not store it unless it is insured. Many storage companies, like Storage Giant, can provide you with the right cover for a small additional fee.


Tips and advice for storing vehicles


Below are a few tips for when you plan to store your vehicle:


  • Wash you car and have it waxed prior to storage: This will help prevent paint damage from dirt or water stains. Waxing gives the body of the car added protection.


  • Fill your vehicle up with fuel: When you return to your vehicle you will appreciate a full tank, ready to be driven back home. It also prevents moisture from building up in the fuel tank and prevents drying out of the seals. Bare in mind fuel does start to deteriorate after 12 months.


  • Change the oil: Old oil contains contaminants that can damage your engine, so if you are leaving your car for longer than a few weeks, have the oil changed.


  • Charge the battery: Unattended batteries lose their charge over time. If you are able to, try and visit the storage where your vehicle is held, to start it up and take it for a drive (or get someone to do this for you). Starting a car up and using it helps maintain the battery and keeps the engine components fabricated.


To store your car in our Newport, Cardiff or Swansea storage units, take a look at our car & motorbike storage page or contact us and we will take you through the next steps.


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