Global Recycling Day: Reducing your carbon footprint by renting self-storage

Matt Leclerc | 14 March 2024

As sustainability becomes a bigger focus for individuals and businesses, we are all looking for ways to help cut down our carbon footprint. With Global Recycling Day coming on 18th March, Storage Giant is here to help you do your bit for the environment.


Young couple packing belongings to go to self storage. Celebrate Global Recycling day with Storage Giant.



Global Recycling Day Storage Tips –  Declutter Responsibly


Here at Storage Giant, we provide top-of-the-range storage facilities for rent to help you declutter your space and store your belongings properly. Our domestic storage rentals can help you organise your belongings with long and short-term storage rental options, so you’re able to limit the amount of waste you have, but also reduce the demand for new materials of things you might not need all year round.


Decluttering and storing your items helps the circular economy by minimising your waste and encouraging you to reuse your belongings that have been safely stored in one of our rental units.


Use Self-Storage to Extend the Lifespan of Items


You might find that a lot of your belongings hold sentimental or functional significance, and you’d like to keep them as safe as possible – perhaps while moving, going travelling, starting a new business or looking to keep a loved one’s items safe.


By renting self-storage, you can prolong the life of these belongings so you can use them for longer. This helps to directly combat the disposable culture that contributes to excessive waste, whilst at the same time encouraging you to reuse the things you already have. Keep your items safe until you need them once more, with our storage units for rent.


Global Recycling Day Storage Tips – Choose Reusable Packing Materials


When preparing items for storage, opt for reusable packing materials whenever possible. Try to avoid single-use plastics and choose durable, eco-friendly alternatives. This choice not only keeps your possessions safe whilst they’re in storage but also helps to minimise the environmental impact single-use materials cause. Luckily for you, we offer a packaging shop with all the sustainable storage supplies you could need!


Donate Unneeded Items


Do you have items that you no longer need but are still in good condition? Help them find a new life by donating to your local charity shop. Renting self-storage provides a convenient space to accumulate such items until you can arrange to donate them somewhere. This not only benefits those in need but also reduces the overall demand for new goods.


At Storage Giant, our storage rental options give you the flexibility to organise your belongings, cutting down on unnecessary clutter and reducing the need to buy new things throughout the year. By renting a unit at our storage facilities, you’re not only keeping your belongings safe but also playing a part in a more sustainable way of living. It’s a win-win! Get your instant quote here.


Want to find out more about Global Recycling Day and how you can help? Visit this link.

Young couple packing belongings to go to self storage. Celebrate Global Recycling day with Storage Giant.