Getting into the Christmas spirit

Storage Giant | 2 December 2015

Getting in the Christmas spirit can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have been having a stressful time during the build up. Decorating your house can be therapeutic and also get you really excited for the festivities to begin.

Christmas Cards

You will always get countless Christmas cards from friends and family, some you haven’t even seen in years. Finding a nice way to display them can be difficult. Usually they would be placed around the house, on the mantelpiece or in the windows. There are numerous other ways to display them and make them look more like decorations.

For some of the Christmas cards, you can find an old picture frame and arrange the cards to look like a piece of art. You can either decide to put in cards that look the nicest or begin to grow a collection of cards from someone special over the year. This could be from your other-half, parents or children.

Christmas Trees

The ultimate Christmas decoration is obviously the Christmas tree. Instead of just having one Christmas tree around the house, why not have a range of different sized trees dotted around. Having both real and artificial trees will make the house smell fantastic, but you won’t have as many needles to pick up if you were to just have real trees.


Seeing Christmas lights dotted around your neighbourhood can make those dark nights feel a little cheerier. Christmas lights don’t just have to be for your Christmas tree, you can put them anywhere in your house. To make your Christmas lights look as good as they can set a theme. You could decide to have a very simple set up; with only white rope lights or you can go full out and go the novelty route.

Getting everyone involved

Christmas is the perfect time to get everyone together as a family and prepare for the festivities. You can get your little helpers to help you bake Christmas treats or to decorate the house. It’s the perfect way to get everyone excited about Christmas day.

Once you are finished with your Christmas decorations you can store them in a self storage room out of the way until next year.

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