Found in Storage Units

Storage Giant | 29 January 2016

You can never be too sure what you might find in a storage unit. There have been numerous hidden treasures found amongst everyday items, worth thousands. Some items have been linked back to celebrities and others are just plain strange.

The first Superman comic

It’s a well-known fact that first edition anything is worth a lot of money, so imagine the joy you’d have when you find the first Superman comic. Little did the buyer of the storage unit know that this first edition was stolen from well-known actor Nicolas Cage. Cage bought the comic back in 1995 for $1 million but found it stolen 5 years later. Flash forward 11 years after the first edition went missing Cage was once again reunited with the comic and referred to the resurfacing as an act of “divine providence”.

Explosive Find

Opening up a storage unit you’ve just bought at auction can be a nerve-wracking time but imagine how scary it would be if you opened up a box and found a live grenade! For a man in Muskegon, Michigan this was partly the case, the finding a live grenade in a box, not so much the feeling scared part.

After finding the grenade he decided that the best option was to let the fire department know but he wasn’t going to just sit there and wait for them to turn up. The man put the grenade back in the box and drove it to the Egleston Township Fire Department, where he then informed the Deputy Fire Chief. The bomb squad was then called to disarm the live explosive.

We personally wouldn’t advise driving with a live explosive in your car.


A man from St Joseph, Missouri decided to spend his Saturday evening breaking into storage units. After thinking about packing up for the night he discovers that the storage unit door has become jammed.

On Sunday morning the security guard was making his round when he noticed the door slightly open. After trying to open the door fully, the security guard decided that he would just put a new padlock on and leave the unit.

That evening when he was making his rounds again he heard a noise coming from the unit. The burglar was arrested and found residence in a singular room of a different kind.

Rare Car

In 2009, a 1937 Bugatti 57s was discovered in an English storage unit, untouched for half a century. This is a very rare car with only a handful ever made. It was estimated at just over £6million.

This car had been put into storage by surgeon, Harold Carr after he bought it in the 50s. It had been forgotten about until his nephew uncovered the car years later after Harold had passed away.

These are just a handful of some of the best and strangest things found in storage units. Some people have found thousands of dollars worth of coins and even cars worth millions and millions of dollars. We wonder what treasures you could find in our abandoned storage units…

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