Simple DIY Jobs To Add Value To Your Home

Storage Giant | 29 September 2020

Simple DIY jobs that add value to your home are the Holy Grail for homeowners, aren’t they? Of course, some jobs should be left to the professionals. Nobody wants to be left with a gaping hole or a leak in their home, particularly at a time when tradesmen are hard-pressed to make house calls.

But estate agents say that, on average, DIY improvements can add up to £6,000 to the value of a property, if done well. And there are jobs that many of us can take on, with a few tools and Youtube videos from qualified tradesmen or from DIY supply firms, like this one, from Wickes:

Kingfisher, the firm that owns DIY giant B&Q has posted a rise in profits for the first half of the year, so it is clear many of us are getting our homes ship-shape during lockdown or lull.

Here are some things you might want to try:

Look with a Critical Eye

The first tip requires no elbow-grease – simply a good eye.

Look at your home as a prospective buyer or a new visitor might. If you were stepping through your front door for the first time, what would you notice? Is your wallpaper peeling? Is your carpet a bit worn where the dog likes to lie? Are your light switches yellowing? Do you need to declutter a little and move anything into self storage? Little things that you have become blind to can all be upgraded.

Replace taps

Fitting new hardware to sinks and baths is an easy and cheap home improvement that will modernise and refresh your bathroom and kitchen. Here is that video to help you:

Fit a splashback

Splashbacks can add instant colour and vim to a kitchen and, of course, they prevent it becoming grimy  – saving elbow grease in the long-term. People notice labour-saving touches like this.

Replace toilet seats and shower heads

These are 15-minute jobs that can lift the look of a bathroom and remove signs of wear and tear.

Modernise light fixtures

This is one of the best investments you can make.  Dated or worn light fittings can make a home look unloved and drab.  And, as any Hollywood star will tell you, careful, flattering  lighting can knock years off and remove unsightly shadows and flaws!

Change door and cupboard handles

This is a very simple trick that can instantly update the look of your home, and you need little skill – simply a screw driver – to achieve it.

Add insulation

The right level of insulation is very important, and it can certainly add value to our home. Buyers seek out eco-friendly and energy efficient homes, and without insulation your property will lose between 30-45 percent of its heat. So, why not get ready for winter?

Spruce up your garden

This isn’t the most flattering time of year for your garden, but you can prune, tidy, fix broken paving slabs, plant bulbs, jet-wash, and get rid of unsightly rubbish that might have accumulated from your DIY projects.  Most of us have spent more time outdoors over the past few months, because of lockdown or furlough, and we all value outdoor time more than ever. Remember – just as light walls and mirrors help to open up internal space, they can do the same for external space too. Lighten any walls and install outdoor mirrors – it works.

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