Benefits of business storage

Storage Giant | 5 May 2015

Business storage is perfect for any business that has run out of space and has resorted to using overflowing closets and cluttered corners. Nothing is more of a turn off to potential customers than a cluttered business space, not to mention a disorganised workspace can be uncomfortable and distracting for employees. But a cluttered space is not the only reason that your business can benefit from using a storage unit.

Business storage saves space

Businesses with an office space tend to accumulate computers, printers and other IT equipment which can spill out of the storage closet or server room in no time, in fact they usually end up on spare desks or tables doing little more than collecting dust, placing them in storage until they are needed is an excellent way to deal with this.

If you own a store, and you have certain inventory that only sells sporadically, keeping that stock on the premises will only take from the space needed to store your popular items. Storage is also a great option if you sell seasonal items, not many people purchase Christmas ornaments in the summer or patio furniture in the winter, placing these items in storage during the off seasons will free up space for stock that is sold year round. The best part about using storage for inventory is that the cost of storage typically costs far less than adding or leasing/buying a space with extra square footage.

Track inventory easily

Everyone initially intends to keep their stock room meticulously clean and organised, however the reality is that over a not too long amount of time these neat and clean stock rooms transform into a chaotic shambles leaving you to dig around a muddled area to find things. Placing your surplus stock in a storage unit can easily alleviate this. Drawing up a simple inventory list of what is in your storage space will leave you feeling confident in knowing that your inventory is in a safe secure place.

The other advantage is that storage units do not get as messy as on site storage spaces because they have far less traffic.

Store archived paperwork

Its common knowledge that in business any and all paperwork should be kept for a minimum of 5 years, you never know when you may need to produce various paperwork or receipts for tax purposes or any other reference. On the other hand you may never need to do anything with your paperwork but send it for shredding after an appropriate amount of time has passed. That being said there is really no point to cluttering your workspace with boxes of paperwork that may or may not ever be needed again. Placing your archived paperwork in storage gives you the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your paperwork is somewhere safe, secure and out of your way, until they are needed or ready to be discarded permanently.

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