What to do with your belongings when going away for long periods of time

Storage Giant | 20 April 2015

If you are planning to go away for more than 30 days or if you are a seasonal holidaymaker (aka snowbird) then you need to consider your belongings. Leaving your home for extended periods of time can leave your possessions vulnerable to theft or irreparable damages.

Thieves, unfortunately, are becoming more and more clever with each passing year. Alarm systems are nothing more than a minor annoyance to an experienced thief and seasoned thieves can be very meticulous with their planning. They can sometimes watch your home and routines for months before making their move, and nothing is more appealing to a thief than people who leave home for long periods of time.

If you’re away, it’s not just thieves you need to protect from

Even something as random as a burst pipe can cause home and belonging ruining damage, and if you’re not there the damage can go on for weeks or even months depending on how long your home is unattended. A house fire, for example, may not destroy your home entirely (fingers crossed) but it is almost certain that the majority of your belongings will be damaged beyond repair. Not all belongings can be replaced, and sentimental items such as photographs or even a special gift from a loved one are invaluable and sadly irreplaceable.

All that being said, leaving your valued items at home unattended for long periods of time can prove to be an unwise choice, so what do you do?

Storing Your Belongings at a Friends or Family House

Asking a trusted friend to store your belongings is certainly better than leaving them at home, but there are a few hiccups that could pop in this situation.

First of all, despite what people say, no one is really all that excited to have their garage, loft or spare room invaded with someone else’s stuff and secondly, you are now putting some serious responsibility on your friend or family member that they may not particularly want or understand for that matter. Finally, their house troubles become yours, and the same fire theft and water damage you intended to avoid could revisit your belongings at someone else’s house.

Renting a Storage Space

Renting a storage space can feel like a bit of a hassle because there are costs involved, but the counter argument to that is simple – you are paying for peace of mind. Storing your belongings at a storage facility is not only easier but safer as well. This also takes out the issue of inconveniencing your friends and family as well as giving you unlimited space depending on what sort of storage facility you choose, and it’s likely that you will be putting your worldly goods in more secure hands than your friends and neighbours. Most storage facilities have good CCTV systems and on site security, and the cost isn’t all that prohibitive. From as little as £5 per week, you’ll be able to enjoy your break without worry that your treasured items will not be there when you return.

To add further convenience many storage facilities will arrange to pick up your belongings for you before you leave as well as drop them back off when you return. Once your belongings go into storage you are leaving your beloved possessions with trained professionals whose only priority is keeping your things safe. That sort of security is more than worth a few pounds a month!

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