Our 8 Favourite Cardiff Bloggers

Storage Giant | 24 September 2013

Here at Storage Giant we really like to stay in touch with our local communities and find out what’s going on in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, and who better to let us know what’s going on than the bloggers who live there?

So, to start with we have put together a list of our 10 favourite Cardiff based bloggers to give you a taste of what kind of things happen in the capital of Wales.


1)    By Mimi – http://miaholt.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-mia.html

Mia Holt is talented freelance journalist and avid fashion blogger who records all of her adventures in the fashion world on her blog. She’s often seen hob-nobbing with the rich and famous at London Fashion Week, but she’s a true Valley’s girl at heart and still lives in the area.

2)    Cow Biscuits – http://cowbiscuits.blogspot.co.uk/

Self-confessed cat lover and terrible cook, this blog has kept us entertained with stories about fashion, food and the general goings on in Cardiff. Definite must-read.

3)    Daisy May Dayz – http://daisymay-dayz.blogspot.co.uk/

This blog won the lifestyle section of the Wales Blog Awards in 2012 and I can certainly see why, it’s great! Lots of fashion advice, travel stories, reviews of restaurants in Cardiff, events and news and lots more. Well worth a read.

4)    Seamless – http://seamlessblog.wordpress.com/

This blog follows Elena’s pledge to refrain from buying any new clothes until the end of her time at Cardiff University, and instead to only buy second hand clothes and alter them herself. This blog offers excellent advice to anyone looking to ‘make and mend’, with lots of photos and help for those just finding their way around the sewing machine.

5)    Stephen Nottingham’s Food Blog – http://sfnottingham.blogspot.co.uk/

Stephen’s blog offers a great insight into the different kinds of food available around Cardiff and is a must-read if you are looking for a new restaurant to try.

6)     Cardiff Girl – http://cardiffgirl.wordpress.com

This blog explores the best that Cardiff and the surrounding area has to offer, from food and entertainment to fashion and festivals, you’re guaranteed to find something here that you didn’t know took place in Wales’ capital city.

7)    Food Project  – http://www.food-project.net/

As Lauren, the blogger, says herself ‘This blog is all about those farmers’ markets, eateries and small food businesses you might not know about, with a few recipes thrown in!’. This blog is a great way to discover little known corners of Cardiff and really experience some new cuisines, as well as follow Lauren in her quest to get all students to start eating better!

8)    Caerdydd Wrth Nos – http://caerdyddwrthnos.wordpress.com/about/

Finally, I thought that it would be nice to feature a blog that is written in the medium of Welsh, as Cardiff is a very patriotic place so it seemed like a good idea to feature a blog that’s written in the national language! Despite living in Wales for 5 years my Welsh is still very poor, so I asked my colleague Peter to find his favourite Welsh blog and ‘Cardiff by Night’ was his choice.

If you have a favourite Cardiff blog that we have missed, or write a blog yourself, then please get in touch and we will happily add it to the list! In the future we will also be putting together a list of the best blogs (according to us!) from Swansea and Newport, so if you have any suggestions then please let us know.