3 Creepy Things Found In Storage Units!

Storage Giant | 27 October 2014

As it’s Halloween this week, we thought we’d treat (or is that a trick?!) you to a special blog post this week…we went looking for the creepiest things that have been found in storage units…and now we’re not sure we can open one on our own again!

3) Swarm of angry bees:


Upon opening their newly auctioned off storage unit, an unlucky couple unleashed a swarm of angry bees! Eeek!

2) Locked coffin


We’re not sure what’s creepier: the fact that a padlocked coffin was found inside an abandoned storage unit…or that it contained an empty suit and an empty urn!!!

1) Lots of hands!


This is just too creepy for words…imagine opening up your new storage unit to find it filled with hands!! From a giant hand sculpture to tiny doll hands the unit was full! There was even a fake hand in fake formaldehyde…

Bonus Find:

This wasn’t found in storage but we think this is the creepiest of the lot…when clearing out her new loft, a woman found the head of a clown! Admittedly it was a doll…but we think that makes it even more spooky!

Clown (FreeImages, Costi)

Happy Halloween! What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found in a storage unit or loft? Let us know in the comments below! Or drop us a line if you’ve got any unusual storage requests… we’ll do our best to accommodate!