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Storage Giant Auctions

Enter Your Bids On This Page

Here you can bid online on the auction lots that we have. Ensure if you are bidding that you can PAY & COLLECT from the storage facility within 7 days of auction ending.

All Bids are Private. The winner will be notified by email.

Ensure you are bidding on the correct auction lot. All lots and their end dates/times are visible on the Storage Giant Auctions Facebook page.


    Terms & ConditionsĀ 

    • All storage units need to paid for in cash on the day of collection
    • Goods must be collected within 7 days from auction end or storage charges will apply.
    • Should you wish to retain the goods in storage then please contact us to reserve the unit and pay a deposit. You can then leave the goods in storage and collect them whenever you wish. If the unit contains a lot of items, we may request a deposit from you before allowing access to the unit, in order to ensure you clear all of the items from the unit. The deposit will then be refunded when you are finished clearing the unit.
    • Nothing has been opened or scrutinized and no item has been tested unless otherwise stated on the auction listing
    • Any storage trolleys or sack trucks contained in a storage unit remain the property of storage giant and should be returned before you leave the facility. If these items are not returned then your credit card may be charged with the cost of replacing this item.
    • All auction sales are final, and no guarantees or warranties are being offered or should be implied. All items are sold as seen and no returns or refunds will be accepted. This should not be construed as an accurate and/or exhaustive list of the items contained in the storage unit, or any guarantee that any of said items work.