Protecting & Keeping Your Goods Safe

If you would like to store with us you will need to insure your goods whilst they are in storage. This is not a problem because for a small fee we can offer you a storage insurance which is specifically designed to provide proper cover for your goods. The small cost for this is simply added to your weekly storage license fee. We will provide you with all the paperwork when you come in. Here are all of our stores to insure your goods with: Bicester, Bristol, Cannock, Cardiff, Cwmbran, Kingswinford, Leicester, Llanelli, Newport, Oldbury, Swansea or Telford.

storage insurance

Why do I need insurance?

This will provide cover against loss or damage to your goods during the period of storage. If your goods are not covered by insurance then you are likely to be left out of pocket if your goods are damaged or stolen.

While we take every precaution to ensure your property is kept safe and secure, nobody could ever provide an absolute guarantee, for example a flood or other extreme weather could cause damage to your stored items. The License Agreement that you sign in order to store with us specifically excludes our liability in relation to damage or loss and that is why you will need to insure your goods whilst they are in storage.

Doesn't my household insurance cover storage?

Household policies only cover goods in the house and not in transit or storage. Please contact your insurance provider.  Your policy needs to state “in storage and the store location, together with its value”.  You should also keep in mind that household policies often have a higher excess than storage insurance.

How much is covered?

When you finalise your agreement with us, you will be asked to complete an inventory of items you intend to store. This will ensure that the insurance company can properly evaluate your claim in the event of a loss. As well as itemising your goods you will also be asked to provide their respective values, which again will help in the event of a claim.

How do I calculate what sum I need to insure?

Valuing your goods isn’t something that we can do for you but we can give you some guidance, for example if you don’t know the value of something try searching that item on the internet, or use a catalog service such as Argos, and derive a price that way.

If you are placing items into store which, if totally lost or destroyed, would not be easily valued by reference to list prices or the like, it is strongly recommended that you have recent pre-storage professional valuations or purchase receipts in your possession. It would be solely your own responsibility to provide evidence of values being claimed and if, to give an example, you lost a painting in a fire, this would be virtually impossible to prove unless you had formal documentary evidence prior to moving your property into storage.

For specialised items, particularly works of art or antiques, we would always recommended that you obtain recent professional valuations.

The cover provided by the insurance we offer is very good, and in most cases will be new for old replacement, but check the insurance summary we give you to confirm levels of cover, as well as any exclusions.

You can use our instant quote facility to give you an at-a-glance price for insurance.