Why Storage Giant is the Perfect Solution for Business Storage

Storage Giant | 16 November 2022

Storage Giant has a long history of supporting local and start-up businesses with business storage. And we also offer established companies the means to expand and stay organised, so they can continue thriving at what they do. 

Providing Storage Solutions, Office Space and Mailbox Rental options, Storage Giant has it all to make your business the best it can be, without breaking the bank.  

eBay, Etsy and Everything Online 

Whether you’re an online retailer, freelancer or side hustler, one of the challenges many businesses like these face is having enough room to accommodate their work without compromising personal space at home. 

Storage Giant offers a range of solutions which has proven to be beneficial to businesses such as these. Here are three examples of how you can get the most for your money:

  1. Renting Office Space 

We offer a variety of office space across a wide range of locations to occupy small and large groups, with all utilities included. Furniture free, it allows for a personalised and practical space, convenient to your exact needs. It’s a great way to ensure that work is kept separate from home, so you can concentrate on your business idea away from distraction whilst also keeping your spare room free!

  1. Storage Units 

Got a range of stock that needs to be kept organised? 

Storage units offer space to store and categorise your inventory with hassle-free upgrades if you’re needing to expand. We tailor to what you need to suit your business progression, done easily through affordable and flexible contracts.

  1. Mailbox Rental 

Perhaps your home address isn’t presenting your business as the professional service it is. Mailbox rental is an easy solution to provide a professional address associated with your business. Ideal for receiving packages, letters or any other business-related deliveries! 

Organised Business Storage 

Did you know Storage Giant offers specialised services for those who are accountants, solicitors and Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs)? 

Archiving old documents takes up valuable space and time yet staying organised and efficient is essential for businesses like these. In fact, companies must store certain financial records for a minimum of seven years! 

Storage Giant is a great solution to store important documents you may not need at arm’s length every day. Easily accessible whenever needed, Storage Giant even offers to collect and store filing for you, so you don’t have to schedule in the time to do so.

In addition, we can issue members of staff with unique pins, so you can keep track of who’s accessing the unit and when. Security is at the heart of what we do, installing the latest CCTV and biometric locks for your peace of mind. 

Studio Set-ups & Short-Term Rentals

Offering personalised classes or workshops to small groups? This is another practical use of our affordable self-storage units. With prices rising in rent for studios, and community centres closing from the backlash of the pandemic, this provides a secure set-up so you can continue working, worry-free. 

We’ve even got you covered if you’re looking for temporary business storage. Ideal for travelling tradesmen to secure equipment, ready to go on the next job! Working on a campaign or event at the office? Store items safely until those important dates roll around. 

Commercial Storage Solutions Across the UK

We already have storage facilities in many parts of England and Wales, and are constantly expanding, because people just can’t get enough of our Giant savings! Whether you need business storage in Nottingham, commercial storage in Bristol, storage units in Bridgend, or in any of our other locations, we’ve got you covered!

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As you can see, we cater to all types of businesses and their needs here at Storage Giant.

You can more information on business storage throughout our website or by speaking to a member of our friendly team, receive an instant quote by calling 0800 756 6585.