Top tips getting ready for January Sales

Storage Giant | 22 December 2014

The January sales are a great opportunity for customers and retailers alike. You need to ensure you are prepared for the sales and your strategy is in place to make it a smooth process, otherwise you could be looking at a very stressful time. New and on-going custom is very important to any business especially small businesses. It is essential that as a business owner, you can use the sales to grow the business and to do this you will need to head into the busy world of January sales. Getting prepared well in advance with these tops tips should help.

Make sure you’re on top of your stock

A lot of small businesses or eBay sellers, work from their homes so when thinking about sales, you have to think about stock numbers and this is where storage solutions are a must. If you want to attract the right people, it is important you have enough of the right products to sell. Throughout the year, try and store away stock in preparation for the January sales ensuring they are stored safe and securely.

Make sure you get in there first

Don’t wait around for every other retailer to start their sales. Bargain hunters are out as early as Boxing Day so ensure online and offline shops are ready for them.

Is your site set up for mobile browsing?

Make sure you are up to date with technology. Customers love to shop on their mobiles now. Your site has to be responsive for easy viewing on the go and the site should be ready to take payments on a mobile.

Bonus offers can drive more sales

Everyone loves a bargain don’t they? Extra bonuses or gifts for consumers always go down well. Customers like to think they are getting something for nothing – they like to feel special. Sales do not need to be about huge discounts, if you are strategic about it, you can slash prices on lingering stock or even use it as the free gift gimmick.

Use social media wisely

Social media is a great way to start a buzz about your company. Regular adverts, social interaction or blogs, will continue to stick in customers minds so they remember where to look come the sales. All it takes is a few customers to shout to their friends about great products and services with you on social media before you start getting new customers.

At Storage Giant, we can enable small businesses to ready themselves for the January sales. At our Cardiff site, we have a brand new Internet lounge meaning you can check orders while picking up stock, making the sales even easier.

January sales don’t have to be a hard slog. Use it as a time to retain customers, gain new customers and as an ideal time to clear out your stock. Take the momentum of the sales into the year ahead!