Small house = big problem: Where to hide the Christmas Gifts this year

Storage Giant | 15 December 2014

If, like many of us, you’re a little short of space at home, and you’re about ready to start the Christmas shopping, one of your many worries around this time of year may be where to hide those all important Christmas gifts where they can’t be found. Whether you’ve been blessed with VERY inquisitive children, or your spouse is a sneaky present finder, there are two big things you need to think about when storing Christmas gifts.

Where won’t they look?

If it’s kids, you’ve generally a few more options, as kids can’t quite get to all the places that adults can, such as on top of wardrobes or in the loft. However, there are two problems with these places. One, they’re no good for heavy items, as you’re going to have to get them down at some point, and two, they’re not exactly safe should the little ones take it upon themselves to try and climb to see what’s in that bag on top of the wardrobe.

If it’s your partner or husband, chances are they can get to all the places you can, so you’ve only got the options of hiding very small presents (cufflinks for example) in very small places that your other half won’t look. If they get even a whiff of suspicion that you’ve bought something, there’s not much chance you’ll be able to keep the secret though. Which brings me to the next problem

Where will they be safe?

It’s sad that at this time of year some people turn to stealing other peoples presents, but it does happen, and many people are victims of crime at this time of year. If you’ve bought expensive electrical items or jewellery, you may never be able to replace them in time, so your hiding place absolutely has to be the safest one about. There’s no point in hiding them in the boot of your car or your garage, as these are two of the places thieves are likely to look in, so you need to come up with something secure.

There is one option that might solve all of your problems with regards to storing your Christmas gifts though, and that is a self-storage room. Available in a myriad of different sizes, able to hold everything from bikes and sofas to electrical items such as new TV’s and PlayStations, there’s no safer place to store your Christmas gifts, and you’ll be sure to give your loved ones a huge surprise this Christmas if you keep your presents hidden there.