Planning a stress-free move

Rebecca Arkell | March 25, 2015

Moving has got to be one of the most daunting, stressful tasks. Between packing everything into boxes, hauling everything from one place to another and then trying to make sense of the chaos at the other end, its no wonder that many people dread the thought of moving home.

There are many reasons moving is seen as a huge upheaval, and problems can include the physical strain as well as the financial strain it can place on people. Following a few simple tips can help you get the most out of your moving budget and alleviate some of the pressure and worry.

Organisation Is Key

Before even starting to put things into boxes, go through your possessions and downsize. Dispose of unwanted items to charity – that way when you are ready to pack it will be less work and you’ll be better organised. Everyone likes having less to move!

Pack items room by room and clearly label boxes, packing similar items together. This will make it easier to unpack on the other end, and you will be able to put boxes into the appropriate rooms as they are unloaded from the vehicle.

If you should find yourself with too much furniture for your new home, but are unsure as to where to put what, consider putting some of the none essentials in storage. Self storage rooms are great for those moving house and if you don’t want a huge mess at the other end, you can even opt to put some non essential boxes in their until you’ve at least had a sit down and a cuppa and unpacked the essentials. This can make moving a really smooth job, and you don’t have to do everything in one go!

Let the Professionals do their Job

Put down the heavy furniture and call a professional mover. It could prove to be far more cost effective to let the professionals do their job. One flat fee to a moving company covers a lot of separate expenses including a moving truck, fuel, physical labour and sometimes even supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

Your friends and family will appreciate being cut a break, not having to rescue you with free labour and a convoy of overloaded vehicles. You might even save a few pounds not having to provide pizza and beer for the crew.

Using professionals will make the move go much smoother and quicker as it is likely to be done in only one load, with trained professionals doing the manoeuvring. Your breakables and your back will thank you.

Time Management

Planning for a move is very important in making it as stress-free and possible.

If repairs are needed in the new place be sure to do them while the place is still empty, and if painting or repairs are required in the old place it is best to do so after your belongings have been removed. This will prevent you from having to navigate around boxes and other obstacles and ensure nothing is forgotten.

Allow yourself plenty of time to pack. Rushing the job will make it disorganised and confusing. If you have holidays available at work consider using some to make the process less exhausting and have a calm, well organised, stress-free move.

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