Moving into your new home. Where to start

Rebecca Arkell | 2 April 2015

Moving into your new home is as exciting as it is exhausting. The ceiling high boxes can be so overwhelming that you might not even know where to begin. The best way to make the transition into your new home is to start organising before the move even begins, so with that in mind, here are a few tips to make that dreaded move a little less stressful.

When to start packing

This is an important consideration, there is nothing worse than waiting to the last minute to pack, a rushed pack will suck the organisation from your move in no time. Packing too far ahead of the move can be a mistake as well as you may be forced to rummage through your boxes to retrieve items.

Allowing yourself a two-week timeframe before the move is an ideal amount of time. It not only is ample enough time to pack up virtually any sized home but it also gives you an opportunity to have a game plan in terms of living without items that have been packed up.

Pack Necessities last

Packing up your frying pans, dishes and cutlery is about as counterproductive as it gets. Boxing up everyday items in your home will more than likely have to be unpacked before the move date arrives.

While you are preparing for your move start taking mental stock of the items in your home that get used on a frequent basis and put them aside during packing times. Drawing up a 2 week meal plan detailed with the cooking utensils needed will make knowing what to and not to pack easy and convenient.

Place items in storage

One way to reduce the move load is to store some items ahead of time that are seldom used or will not be needed for a month or more. For example if you are moving in the winter time you will have little use for your lawn mower, barbeque or outdoor furniture. Same goes with a spring or summer move, Christmas decorations, portable heaters etc. is just one more thing to have to find a place for in your new home, this can be an unnecessary time waster if the items you are putting away won’t be needed for months.

Placing items with no immediate use in storage allows you to set up your new home with its necessities right away while the items that currently have no use are stored safely at a secure facility. Today most storage companies will pick up and drop off your items for a small additional cost adding even more convenience. If you move in small amounts, initially taking the necessities only, you’ll be well on your way to a stress free move with only small jobs to be done after the big stuff is in place.





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