Storage Giant’s Guide to Exercising Whilst You Clean

Storage Giant | 8 July 2013

Keeping the house clean can be an uphill struggle sometimes, especially when you have children. You can beg, bribe and command them to do their share of the housework, but often it is a losing battle and you will end up doing it all yourself.

So, why not try giving a bit more purpose to your endless list of chores by getting fit whilst you clean. That way all the surfaces will be sparkling and you might finally manage to shift those 5lbs that you thought were here to stay. Cleaning is said to be one of the highest calorie burning activities because you use the whole body to do it, and it’s something you do all the time!

Below are a few great ideas to help you get the cleaning done considerably faster and burn calories at the same time.

Before you Begin:

The key to turning cleaning into exercise is to treat it like an activity, so set a time limit of about 20-30 minutes and aim to keep moving continuously until the time is up. Set out everything that you are going to need for your chores, hoover, duster, broom, and place them around the house so you have to move around the rooms to retrieve them. Try to wear loose, comfortable clothes and even trainers, because some of your chores will require sensible footwear when completed at speed!

The Stairs:

Most people do a lot of their cleaning on the same day (unfortunately usually during the ‘day of rest’), so when deciding what chores to do next try and incorporate the stairs. Start upstairs by stripping the beds and then downstairs to put them in the washing machine, then while that’s on run back upstairs to clean the bathroom and then downstairs again to hang the sheets up to dry.

The Hoovering:

Start by hoovering your entire house from top to bottom, as this is a great work out for your arms and core muscles. Rather than walking behind the hoover, try standing the in centre of the room and take large steps forwards and backwards (lunges). Move all of the sofas back and hoover behind them and experiment with the extensions, try and get into all those nooks and crannies that you’ve been avoiding. Hoovering can burn up to 190 calories an hour so it’s definitely worth the extra work (Ehow, 2013).

The Furniture:

Rather than buying a tin of spray polish, try buying the wax polish version instead. This is much harder to work into the wood and will help you exercise your upper arms, and it will make all your furniture shine.

The Ironing:

A lot of the time ironing is something people tend to ignore or do very slowly whilst watching the television. This time give some purpose to your ironing pile and do it really efficiently, leaving the washing basket on the floor so you continuously have to bend down and pick up the clothes.

The Bathrooms:

The shower and the bath are a really great place to really work your arm muscles by making your tiles shine. Clean the surfaces using a circular motion and really exaggerate your movements, as this will really help you to have a proper work out.

By following these six easy tips you should be able to get a lot more out of cleaning and really work up a sweat. Soon you’ll be looking so good that the rest of your family will want to help you do your chores so they can look like you!

The one time in your life that you will need to clean more than ever before is when you move house (especially if you are in rented accommodation), so that is a perfect time to try out all of these hints and tips. If you are downsizing and can’t fit all of your furniture and possessions in your new house, then why not leave them with us at Storage Giant!

With storage lockers starting from as little as £5 per week you can afford to leave your stuff with us as long as you need to. Why not come and see us at our Cardiff self-storage branch to find out more, or at our other branches in Swansea and Newport.

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