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Storage Giant | 18 July 2013

Whether you have a desk at work or in your office at home, you will know how hard it is to keep it tidy. With various pieces of paper everywhere and a pen holder full of everything but pens, the common desk can often look a bit like a mad person has been working there.

The main problem is usually space, as most desks have very few drawers and things tend to just get piled up and never sorted through. So, to help your desk remain a bit more manageable, the Storage Giant team have put together a few storage ideas from Pinterest that should allow you to regain some control.


Desk Tidy

The first thing to do is go through everything on (and in) your desk and through away everything you don’t need, then you need to organise all the essentials so you know exactly where everything else. Take a look at these handy desk tidy ideas to get you started.


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If you don’t have enough space in your house to devote an entire room to an office then try fitting the office around you instead. Below are some great ideas of how to fit a desk into even the smallest of places.


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Hopefully you have found some of these storage ideas helpful and you now feel like you can keep your desk area stylish and clear!

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