Collection Storage: The Quirkiest Collections in the World

Storage Giant | 14 July 2022

Is your loft slumping under the weight of a vast vinyl, book or Star Wars memorabilia collection? You are not alone. But many people have opted to let us look after their most prized possessions, with our secure collection storage, so they know they are stored securely and safely while freeing up space in their homes.

We have a lot of quirky collections at Storage Giant facilities across the UK.

Here are some of the most unusual collections from around the world that caught our eye.

  • Dry lips? 7-year-old Scarlett Ashley Cheng from Hong Kong broke the Guinness World Records with the largest collection of lip balms at 3,388.
  • A spring, a spring, a marvellous thing! The largest collection of Slinkys is in the hands of Susan Suazo, from Los Lunas Mexico, who has held the world record since 2014 with 1,054 Slinkys.
  • Say paneer! Mumbai-based photojournalist Dilish Parekh has the largest collection of cameras at a whopping 4,425, from his previous Guinness World Record of 2,634 antique cameras. He has held the title since 2005.
  • D’Oh! Cameron Gibbs from Skye, Australia, owns the largest collection of Simpsons memorabilia with 2,580 different Simpsons items.
  • Dalton Dingus, a young lad from Kentucky, has broken the record for the most Christmas cards received at 700,000 cards from all around the world.

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